Movies to Die For: The 1990's

The 1990's was a weird decade for horror.  All the gore and mayhem of the 80's felt trite and vapid in the somber, ultra-cool 90's.  On one hand, we begin to see a lot of parody movies and comedy films.  On the other hand, amidst the blockbuster remakes of classic films are some intellectual, and brutal gems. So, keeping that in mind, here are the next 25 (okay, fine...33) titles on our journey through the evolution of horror:

Exorcist III – 1990
Misery – 1990
The Reflecting Skin – 1990
Arachnophobia – 1990
It – 1990 (I saw this too early, this is why I’m not…a fan of clowns, guys)
Silence of the Lambs – 1991
Cape Fear – 1991
The People Under the Stairs – 1991
Man Bites Dog – 1992
Braindead/Dead Alive – 1992
Candyman – 1992
Bram Stoker’s Dracula – 1992 (I know people are torn on this one, I love it so, so much.  It’s breathtaking visually, so if you can’t get past Keanu Reeve’s accent, there’s still something for you)
Interview with the Vampire – 1992 (more haunting than horrific and such a wonderful film)
Army of Darkness – 1992
The Dark Half – 1993 (Romero. Home run. Again.)
Dellamorte, Dellamore/Cemetary Man – 1994 (Lots of gore, not so much fright...all fun)
Wes Craven’s New Nightmare – 1994
Se7en – 1995 (What’s in the box?!  What, indeed…)
The Addiction – 1995 ( a chilling and cerebral little movie starring a knockout cast, led by Lili Taylor: “My indifference is not the concern here - it's your astonishment that needs studying”)
The Day of the Beast – 1995 (this might be okay for those who aren't super into horror, its a fun parody of the antichrist genre)
From Dusk Til Dawn – 1996 (Tarrantino and Rodriguez.  Fun and fright.)
Scream – 1996
The Frighteners – 1996 (Peter Jackson, you sly dog. )
Thesis – 1996
Cure – 1997 (Japanese horror movies slay me. This is one of the best, ever)
Event Horizon – 1997
Funny Games – 1997 (don’t bother with the American remake..enjoy the weirdness of the original)
Perfect Blue – 1997 (an enchanting animated film from Japan)
Ringu – 1998 (you guys…this movie…I wish I could see this again, for the first time…)
The Sixth Sense – 1999
Stir of Echoes – 1999
Audition – 1999 (boy holds audition, girl attends audition…solid movie ensues)

Tomorrow, we're heading into the new age of horror with the next 25 titles from the 2000's!  Until then, take a gander at the trailer for The Addiction.

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