Parties in a Pinch: Chocolate Peanut Butterball

Okay.  So, I'd been trying to think of a quick and festive little dessert for an event I'm hosting this week and I got it into my head to apply the cheeseball mentality to peanut better and chocolate.  For a few days, I reveled in the idea that I'd invented a new it turns out, I probably just saw a similar recipe turn up on my newsfeed and I subconsciously decided I'd invented it.  A similar thing happened to me in college when a memory of mine turned out to be a scene from Clueless.  So, here's the thing I thought I invented...

You'll need:

Cream cheese (room temperature)
Peanut butter
Mini peanut butter cups
Reese's Pieces (or similar, non trademarked item)
Cling wrap
cutting board

1. Mix cream cheese and peanut butter until blended. Similar recipes call for equal parts, but I like a nuttier ratio, so I pumped up the peanut butter.  You do you.  

2. Once mixed, add mini cups to taste...

3. Blend until chunky-ish.  Turn out of mixing bowl onto a sheet of cling wrap.

4.  Pat into ball and transfer to plate.  Cover and chill for one hour.

5. Press your candy coated peanut butter pieces into butterball. I went with a chaos theme, because I wasn't there for straight lines. Serve chilled with graham crackers.

It's cute, cheap, and so easy it should be illegal. Enjoy.