Movies to Die For: The 1970's

Art imitates life, people, and 70's horror is no exception.  The America of the 70's is a changed nation.  The horrors of the Vietnam War, the aftermath of a violent civil rights movement, and a crumbling nuclear family gave rise to the bleak, paranoid films we know and love.  If the focus of the 60's was the monster living across the street, the monster of the 70's was a face we knew intimately, someone we loved. The cultural turmoil of the 60's opened the door and filmmakers of the 70's lumbered through.  Horror films made a triumphant return to the box office, with blockbuster budgets and a chip on their shoulders.  Here are 25 of my favorite titles, spanning the decade.

Cry of the Banshee - 1970
And Soon the Darkness - 1970
The Bird with the Crystal Plumage - 1970
What's the Matter with Helen - 1971 (more need to thank me)
The Other - 1972
The Exorcist - 1973 (skip the sequel, but give Exorcist III a chance, its a passable return to the subject matter and that hospital scene? Forgeddaboutit.)
The Wicker Man - 1973 (often called 'the Citizen Kane' of horror, 
Texas Chainsaw Massacre - 1974
Jaws - 1975 (this movie has such an interesting back story)
Stepford Wives - 1975 (so much social commentary crammed into one really fantastic picture)
Alice, Sweet Alice - 1976
The Omen - 1976
Carrie - 1976 (do not bother with any remakes..garbage, it's Sissy Spacek or me)
The Tenant - 1976 (this is the final movie in Polanski's Apartment Trilogy)
Suspiria - 1977
Martin - 1977 (more Romero...this time its blood, not brains, and its pretty great)
Eraserhead - 1977 (this is as good an intro to David Lynch as you'll get, I think)
The Hills Have Eyes - 1977 (Ah, Wes heart)
Halloween - 1978
Dawn of the Dead - 1978
Invasion of the Body Snatchers - 1978 (Donald Sutherland, Leonard Nimoy, Brook Adams, and Jeff Goldblum star in the superior remake of the 1956 film)
Patrick - 1978
Magic - 1978 (this is a gem, guys.  Anthony Hopkins, Ann Margaret, Burgess Meredith...swoon!)
The Brood - 1979 (, so good)
Nosferatu, the Vampyre - 1979
Alien - 1979

And a bonus: The Devil's Rain (1975). Shatner, Travolta, Skerritt, Borgnine, and the amazing Ida Lupino (seriously. look her up).  This movie is a wonderfully silly mess and I love it so, so much!

Stay tuned, because next up are 25 movies from the age of excess and slashers!  The 1980's are comin' in, guns blazing!  To keep you satisfied, check out this trailer for Invasion of the Body Snatchers:

Think we should spilt up? Leave your favorite titles in the comments!