Jennifer + Tristan: 09.27.14

You guys, this is a good one!  I've been dying to share this one....the wedding is beautiful and this girl has so much info, you only get half today!  Tune in next week for more!  Now enough from me.  Bring on the eleganza!!

 Tristan and I had our wedding ceremony at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Waukesha and our wedding reception at The Rotunda in Waukesha. When we got engaged on April 5, 2013, I already had a few must-have wedding décor ideas swirling around in my head.  Every girl dreams of this day starting when they are little, and I was no exception.  With the nuance of Pinterest, the breakthrough of DIY and the sheer amount of coupons the craft stores have available, I knew this this planning process would be two things: extremely fun an dangerously hard to edit!  Initially, I thought I would be having a "bling-tastic" wedding: sparkles everywhere!  But as I started looking at ideas online, "bling" was everywhere and  I’m not in the business of doing what has already been done!  I like new.  I love unique.  I need memorable. 

If you are looking for a wedding venue in the Waukesha area, I would highly recommend looking into The Rotunda.  Not only is their catering company recommended by other Milwaukee area reception venues and the best wedding food I have ever eaten, the venue is perfectly. beautiful.  With marble floor and pillars, swooping velvet curtains and unique balcony, it really gave me a vintage vibe.  I was inspired to incorporate pearls and lace.  I have always loved wearing both elements and they make for such an elegant theme.  From that point on, I had a clear vision of the type of décor I would be looking for, keeping in mind our eggplant and silver color scheme. 

We had an 18-month engagement, and I was living with my parents at the time, while my fiancé was working three hours away.  I had extra time and my mom was my DIY partner-in-crime!  We're both teachers, so when we had those cold days off last winter, I can vividly remember us bundling up to head to Joann's or Micheal’s hunting for “wedding stuff”!  I found inspiration on Pinterest, but added my own, unique touches.  Again, I was not interested in what every other bride was doing and I did not want plain.  I am so proud of our creations and that we made them together. 

Let’s start with centerpieces.  I was fortunate The Rotunda supplied the silver candelabras because they match the tone of their venue, however, alone, they're plain.  I dressed them up by cutting 18-inch pearl strands, super gluing the ends together and draping them on the candelabras.  I also placed 3 white doilies under each one in order to bring in some lace.  We cut out lace circles and wrapped them around glass votive holders and added an eggplant bow.  (That took two whole days alone!)  Since I am a high school teacher of very talented students, I asked one of them to create an elegant thank you note for each table, incorporating the color theme.  All I had to do was buy the student coffee, take the stick to Kinko’s to print them out and place them on a backing paper.  Talk about using your resources to save some money! 

Lastly, because everything needs that final “magic dust”, I sprinkled each table with a handful of small bling, loose pearls and Martha Stewart’s shimmered eggplant die-cut paper flowers.  Beautiful! The thought that every table needs flowers went out the window when: A.) I was told how much fresh flowers cost for each table and B.) I saw how little details and extra thought can make your centerpieces new, unique and memorable.

Gorg, right?!  I know...just wait until you see the rest!  Stay tuned for part two of Jennifer + Tristan!!